Stone Gates

From Wiki: The Taiwan Expedition of 1874, usually referred to in Taiwan and mainland China as the Mudan incident (牡丹社事件),
was a punitive expedition launched by the Japanese in retaliation for the murder of 54 Ryukyuan sailors by Paiwan aborigines
near the southwestern tip of in December 1871. The success of the expedition, which marked the first overseas deployment of the
Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy, revealed the fragility of the Qing dynasty's hold on Taiwan and encouraged
further Japanese adventurism. Diplomatically, Japan's embroilment with China in 1874 was eventually resolved by a British arbitration
which confirmed Japanese sovereignty over the disputed Ryukyu Islands in 1879.

Michael Turton has a few photos of what it looks like today on this page.

The photo above is from the Wiki story. A larger image can be found on that page.

Japanese medal given to soldiers on the 1874 expedition