----- Meiji Bridge -----

This statue must have been removed when they built the new bridge.

Photo above came from another collection that I unfortunately lost the link to. I will try to post credit asap.
I am taking the liberty to repost this photo here because it is a very rare image of both the old and new Meiji bridge that many people may never see.

The following images are of the "new" Meiji Bridge. Sometime after 1945 the KMT renamed it the ChungShan Bridge.
It lasted until around year 2000 when It was finally disassembled and stored on the banks of the Tamsui near the amusement park.
A new, modern but ugly bridge now takes it's place.

cross posted from Taipei Shrine page

cross posted from Taipei Shrine page

Circa early 1970s (before freeway)

Image above came from: a larger image plus more Taiwan shrine photos can be found at that site.


------- Taihoku-Bashi Bridge -------

From Wiki Taipei Bridge: In September 1921, it was decided to replace the aging wood structure with one more suitable for modern vehicular traffic and, on 18 June 1925,
the 30th anniversary of Japanese rule in Taiwan, a steel and concrete bridge that could be opened to allow the passage of larger boats on the Tamsui was completed.
This was the first bridge to be called Taipei Bridge and was also nicknamed the Seven-Pillar Iron Bridge(七格鐵橋).

Image above a very early photo or a different bridge?

There is a video of the old Taipei bridge on the videos page. Read the note on the "Other Videos" section.


------ Shimotansui-Kei Bridge ------


The Kgayo bashi bridge-Tainan

----- Other Bridges -----


Building the Chenho Bridge

Kuandu Bridge circa 1960s (?)

Bridge Trivia - From Micheal Turton's excellent Toroko Gorge blog post.

"The bridges were made by the Gustav Eiffel engineering company in France for Vietnam in 1954. Then this happened
They were installed here in Taroko in 1966, according to the marker to the left of the bridge in the photo above this one.
We counted three red ones, and at the bottom of the gorge, there is a similar one in yellow.

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