Grand Hotel

History can be found here: Grand Hotel Wiki

Old photo of the original Grand Hotel circa 1960s.

Before the Chinese style gate was built, the original Japanese Tori from the Japanese Shrine still stood in it's place.
There are a couple of 1959 photos of it on the Aandahl Families Website.
The two photos below are copyrighted by Laren Aandahl.
I am taking the liberty to post smaller images here to add to storyline. Follow the link for larger images.

View looking towards Taipei. The Chinese Gate is visable in the photo. It must have just been built.

Mid 1970s just after new Grand hotel was built


Grand Hotel Tennis courts (1960s?)

The photo's below are of the Grand Hotel in the 50s-70s. John Glenn stayed here in the 60s. (above)

The old Grand Hotel

View of old Grand Hotel looking south towards Taipei. Chinese Gate is visible. 1963




Photo above is one of the only Grand Hotel contruction images that I've ever seen. You can just make out the scaffolding.
A fire burned the roof off of the hotel in 1995 and it was covered by scaffolding again for several years. Credit: USTDC

Cheng-Ching Lake Pavilions Grand Hotel



Stairway in front maybe from the Japanese Shrine that was burned down after 1944 plane crash. (?)