Taipei 1960s

The collection of photos below I believe came from one of the military guys that was stationed here in the 1960s.

Taiwan Cement Corporation and Church on ChungShan N. Rd. just north of Minsheng W. Road.
(both still in the same location, except both rebuilt into much larger structures).

Ambassor Hotel and Firestation (looking south on ChungShan N. Road)

Old Firestation on Chungshan N. Rd just north of Minsheng W. Rd. (Now a much larger drab office building)

In the background you can see the old Grand Hotel (above)

Old iron works along the Danshui River. I saw a small one still in operation about 3 years ago (2007 or so) when I rode my bicycle on the river trail.

View looking south on ChungShan N. Road towards downtown Taipei.

The old CAT (CIA) Airline HQ across the street from the Ambassor Hotel. Now a large office building.

Now Cave's Books (Corner of ChungShan N. Rd and Mintzu W. Rd.)

Now a Seafood Restaurant (HBW)

Temple at the end of Linsen N. Road and Minzu W. Road (now rebulit into a much larger temple)