Taipei 1960s ~ 80s

This page is a smorgesborg of photos from Taipei in the 80s with some earlier ones thrown in as well.
I think I found some of these photos on a forum post at Skyscraper City Forums several years ago.
If anyone has any objections to my posting of these images, just contact me and I will delete.

The Dunhau N. Rd bridge looking south. I must have walked over this bridge at least 500+ in the past. Now its torn down with the RR tracks underground.
There was a small corner lot banana grove on one of the corners for many years.

Same bridge, looking north. With the bridge gone, the street is much nicer.

Old baseball stadium. Now the Taipei Dome. The track and swim stadium were re-built in 2009 for the Deaf Olympics.

World Trade Center pre Taipei 101 buliding and pre Xinyi mega build-out.

The Taipei 101 buliding stands here.

Putting the train tracks underground behind the old Chunghua Rd. Building. (later torn down).
I've spent many an afternoon farting around this place buying 10 for NT$100 cassettes, copy 5.25" software, electronic widgets, etc.

Da-An Park. Still full of old soldiers houses. On Xinyi Rd. there use to be a bunch of old bike repair shops and wild animal shops.
These houses were demolished around 1988. It was a empty lot for 4-5 years before they made it into a park.

Dunhua S. Road looking north.

Large white building (Formosa Plastics) was the former World Trade Center.
It has a fire in 1995 or so. Now its the FIC Computer buiding. Mandarin Hotel is on the left.

Dunhua N. Rd. Now there is a bike path up this median.

AsiaWorld use to have one of the best movie theatres in the basement of the round bulding on left. The hotel later became a Holiday Inn.

Early 1980s World Trade Center before the Hyatt hotel and 34 Floor tower was built.

Nanjing E. Rd and Chungshan N. Rd.(?)

I tihnk from the 1960s... (Jenai Rd and Dunhua Rd traffic circle)

Temple on Minquan E. Road.

Jenai Rd. traffic Circle.

In the building on the far left there use to be a Wendys.
The dark brown building on the center left had the first Eslite on the first floor and basement. A cool 2 story wood scuplture was between floors. In the basement you could by art work and posters.
In the middle building on the ground floor was a Round Table Pizza (gone, later a Calvin Klien store) and Swensons Ice Cream (I think its still there)
To the center right is a building that was unfinished for at least 15+ years.
On the far right in the round glass building was the excellent New Classmate Bookstore (gone now)

Swensons on the left. Unfinished building for 15+ years on the right. It was finally torn down about 5 years ago and is now a modern 40F skyscraper.

Xinyi Rd and East Gate looking east - pre KMT HQ buidling.

On the right is where the KMT bulit their HQ buidling. It was laster sold as it cost too much to operate. (KMT out of power from 2000 - 2008)

ChungShan N. Road looking south. (East Gate in the distance)

Old Taipei Train Station torn down in 1986

Looks like a typhoon just went thru.

Hsinshen freeway now sits high above the old drainage canal