Taipei Bitan Green Lake

The first two pictures were contributed by Selena Jong. Her grandfather was the civil engineer who built the Bitan Bridge. ~ Thanks Selena!
More info to follow. Larger images are posted at the bottom of this page.

Photo taken just after bridge was built 1931(?) Note the tea house on the right side mountain ledge has not been built yet.

Very rare photo of Bitan circa 1900 or so.

Dr. Mackay's Sin Tiam Presbyterian Church circa 1900 (?) Built in 1885, destroyed by a typhoon in 1924. Later rebuilt uphill.

1895 Image of Bitan (cross posted from Danshui Page. There are more photos from this set there)

Original Church

Rebuilt Church. This church lasted until around 2009 when it was replaced by a modern church structure.

Photo from one of the military guys stationed here in the 1970s

One of my hiking trails
There use to be an old amusement park at the top of the trail.
See some old photos here: The Xingfu Amusement Park, then and now.
The last time I went hiking there in the summer 2010, the city was doing some
construction work in the old amusement area. Maybe a new park is coming?

This is a screen capture from a 1931 (?) Japanese newsreel on Taiwan (see video links)

You can just make out the construction of the Bitan walk bridge.