Taipei [Taihoku] Danshui and DaoDaoCheng

A brief [Part 1] and [Part 2] history of Danshui can be found at HM Cheng's excellent Danshui History Blog.
A Sino-French war was fought in Danshui in 1884. Read about it here: Danshui History - Sino French War.
Historical information about the Japanese Shrine (Jinga) in Danshui can be found at: danshuihistory Tansui Jinja

Click here to see a cool panarama image of modern Danshui

Very early images (2 above and below) of Danshui. Circa 1900 or so.

Photos above/below are of the Douglas Shipping Co. warehouse. (Credit: EyeDoc) There are 2 more photos at the bottom of this page.
Read about this famous company here: Danshui History - Douglas Shipping Co. and of the owner, Douglas Lapraik, here.

Today a Starbucks sits on the site of the old Douglas Warehouse.


This is a cool picture....nearby where I live in Taipei.

Same building below (?)

Chung Cheng Road Tamsui

Credit, Eyedoc:

Looks more like Keelung than Danshui...

Danshui Golf Course

To the left of this golf course there is an old fort from the mid 1800s. Also nearby is the site of the Danshui Japanese Shrine. (Now KMT Matyrs Shrine)


This photo looks like the begining of Nanking West Rd. where it turns into Dihua Rd. in Taipei (DaoCaoCheng)

St. Ignastis Church (?) Bombed during WWII - Now a Girls High School

YenPing N. Rd. (?)

Images from 1895

The four photos above I guess are of Danshui in the 1960s.
These images are photos I took of outdoor wall posters that were hanging on buildings of an old hill side Danshui street. (taken summer of 2010)

Steve McQueen in Danshui in 1966

In 1966 the Steve McQueen movie The SandPebbles was filmed in Danshui. These 2 photos are screen captures of the Douglas warehouse.
It's unknown if the main building in the film was a mock-up. According to EyeDoc's information, it burned down around 1959/60.

Map above shows the layout of Danshui in 1945. A larger map can be downloaded from: The University of Texas, Austin database