Taipei Miscellanous

On this photo you can see the dome of an old Japanese building on the top left.
Farther below on this page, on a larger color image of this same street, the building has been replaced by a large white concrete buidling.
This street could be the former Sakaimachi Street.

Corner of Nanjing E. Road and ChungShan N. Rd. (?) See photo at bottom of this page

Slightly different view


WTC pre Taipei 101

Nanjing W. Road Traffic Circle (demolished around 2003)
On the street to the left, where the bus just passed, there is a small statue to mark where the 2-28 Incident happened.


ChungHsaio E. Rd. Sec. 4(?) There was a 2nd floor restaurant there for many years called "The Arc". There was also "The Wooden Nickel" and "Ploughman's"

Late 80s early 90s

Around 1995 - construction of the MRT near the Taipei Main Station

Taiwan Provential Assembly

YangMinShan Cultural University

TienMu Church

Taiwan Provential Library

Taiwan Provincial Assembly

1910-20 Kyoraku theatre taihoku



1977 Nanjing E. Rd.

Corner of Nanjing W. Road and ChungShan N. Rd. credit (not-sure) Taipei Air Station

General Chen Cheng headquarters Taipei