Taiwan (Taihoku) Grand Shrine

The Japanese Lantern (Ishidoro) seen on the far left side of the photo above is still located in the same place today.
The Japanese era bridge was cut up into sections in 2003 and is stored on the side of the river. (for later restoration?)

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Overview of the Taiwan ShrineCredit: http://www.himoji.jp A larger image can be found at this link.

A Japanese transport plane crashed into the new Taiwan Shrine (on right) in 1944 destroying it. (see links above)

The 2 Lion-Dog statues dedicated to the Japanese Army (Bo the dog?) in the photos above now sit at a small stairway on ChungShan N. Rd.

A Brass cow statue from the Taiwan Shrine now sites at the entrance of the Taipei 228 Peace Park. photo credit: wiki

Very early photo from around 1895

Printed on the back: "Canadian Pacific Cruise"

These must be very early photos. Note the lion statues have been moved elsewhere in later photos. (Maybe around 1922 in preperation for the Japanese Prince visit in 1923?)

The Grand Hotel now sits on the site of the Taiwan Shrine. This Japanese Tori gate remained in place until around 1960 when the KMT finally replaced it with a Chinese gate.