Taiwan History Videos

Here you will find a collection of videos relating to old Taiwan.
More Taiwan archive videos can be found at Critical Past


1950s Taiwan. A little of everything here. (you can turn off annotations)

Taiwan National Archives - Taiwan - National Security Council.
Central Intelligence Agency. History, land reform, industry, religion,
educational system, and urban activities of Taiwan.

Big Picture: Assignment Taiwan

CKS, Industry, etc. in Chinese


The following seven videos were uploaded by the user hrtseattle discussing "The History of Taiwan: Postwar Era and The 228 Incident".










1930s video of Taiwan. A better copy is posted to this Youtube page. It is in 7 parts and can't be embedded.



Video above is a trailer to a new movie about Taiwan aboriginal called Seediq Bale
A fascinating story on Mona Rudao can be found here: http://takaoclub.com/monaludao










Tokyo in the 1930s. Although not Taiwan, it still gives you the feel for the era.
The steamships, the cars, the architecture, the dress, etc.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel is featured in this video at around the 3:45 mark.


Taiwan: The Face of Free China, 1960.
A documentary film from the CIA Film Library that covers the history, land reform, industry, religion, educational system, and urban activities of Taiwan.



Youtube users kuroganerail and pimicat have uploaded a bunch of old Taiwan railway videos that are interesting.

The video above starts off at the Chayi Train Station.


Taipei Station Track 6 (now underground)


CT150 and the DT650 steam train of Taiwan Railway

To Danshui (with stop at Kuandu Station) Today this is a subway line.


Taipei to Danshui in 1988. This video is amazing to me as I lived in Taipei at that time plus it goes right past my current apartment.


Taipei to Danshui in 1988.




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